International activities of the prosecution

The need of a legal and criminal cooperation beyond international borders is becoming every day more indispensable, given that the organized crime has got its own nature and has started to become more and more active on a inter-border and international level. 

As a consequence, the international cooperation of the Albanian Prosecution has recently changed becoming more efficient also as a result of international cooperation agreements signed.

The practical work in this direction includes the assistance of foreign prosecutors in the criminal investigations they carry out in or out of the territory of the Republic of Albania. This might be related to the questioning by the Albanian prosecutors of persons, who are in Albania, search of inhabitations and/or extradition of wanted persons.

Albanian Prosecution often requests similar assistance from other countries in connection with criminal investigations carried out from the accusation body in Albania.

International cooperation also includes participation in networks different coordinating organisms with international character.
The Foreign Relations Directory represents the specialized unit of international cooperation at the General Prosecution Office offering specific assistance in the struggle against inter-border and international organized crime. This directory is also responsible on relations of international cooperation among counterpart prosecution offices.

Albanian proSECUTION

The prosecution exerts criminal prosecution and represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. The aim of our work is to bring in front of justice as many criminals as possible.


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