General Prosecutor of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Adriatik Llalka and the Federal Prosecutor of Germany, Mr. Harald Range considers very important the cooperation to identify and attack groups that deals with the recruitment of "foreign fighters", recruited people involved in armed conflicts in the Middle East.

Mr. Llalla, who is invited in Germany by his counterpart Mr. Range, during the conversation, has emphasized the need for close cooperation in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.
In addition, the two interlocutors shared the same views on the need for prompt communication between the Albanian Prosecution Office and Prosecution Offices of German Länder, to increase efficiency in concrete investigations.

By assessing positively the current cooperation between Albanian and German judicial authorities, Mr. Llalla and Mr. Range expressed the proposal to sign an agreement between the two countries on the transfer of sentenced persons from Albania to Germany and vice versa.

Mr. Range responded positively to the request of the General Prosecutor to attend technical and legal assistance of the German authorities to strengthen investigative capacity in Albania, as well as to increase the independence of the institution.

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