The General Prosecutor is the highest authority exercising the criminal prosecution and representing the accusation in court on behalf of the state. He is also responsible of the carrying out a series of other duties assigned by law to the prosecution.

For the exercise of duties provided by law on prosecution or special laws the General Prosecutor issues different orders and instructions.
A detailed definition of the organization as well as of the function of the chain of command of the General Prosecution Office is carried out upon order of the General Prosecutor.

The General Prosecutor proposes to the President of the Republic the candidates for prosecutor after considering the opinion of the Council of Prosecution.

The General Prosecutor is entitled to second prosecutors to other prosecution bodies as well as to issue orders for the prosecutor’s suspension from exercise of his duty when the starting of a criminal proceeding against him has been decided, until the end of the proceeding, or when a serious disciplinary violation is uncovered.

The General Prosecution Office is composed of the cabinet, directories and sectors. The expertise services, which organization and functioning is defined upon order of the General Prosecutor, are also active at the General Prosecution Office.


Albanian proSECUTION

The prosecution exerts criminal prosecution and represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. The aim of our work is to bring in front of justice as many criminals as possible.


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