The General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla considers important the joining of the European Union project, EURALIUS IV to the institution of experts. The objective of the project is to strengthen the independence of the justice system in Albania.

The General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla, estimates that the project EURALIUS IV of the European Union is an important initiative to strengthen the rule of law in Albania. In the meeting for the opening of this project, developed on Wednesday (November 19, 2014) in Tirana, Mr. Llalla said that "EURALIUS IV, based on the presented objectives, will improve the investigations in the fight against organized crime and corruption, by encouraging a further inter-institutional cooperation, based on the recommendations of the European Union Progress Report".
Integrally, the General Prosecution of Albania, Mr. Adriatik Llalla said:

"Prosecution Office of Albania has a reason to feel privileged in this meeting. The EURALIUS IV project, for the first time, will be attached even in our institution, with experts who will offer concrete technical and legal assistance.

What colleagues mention earlier which in fact is to be noted that the project, which is starting today coincides with an important stage in which is included the Albanian justice; the deep reform.

The Prosecution Office of Albanian has expressed its commitment to the implementation of Law Reform. It should be focused not only on structural changes, but especially in necessary interventions in procedural laws.

Based on this, we appreciate as very important the involvement of EURALIUS IV project at the General Prosecution of Albania, because his aim and objective is the modernization of criminal justice, including criminal legal and institutional framework.
So significantly, the vision of the Albanian Prosecution Project coincides with the priorities of the European Union.

Positively, EURALIUS will improve the investigations in the fight against organized crime and corruption, promoting further interagency cooperation, based on the recommendations of the European Union Progress Report.
Prosecution Office of Albanian believes that attending EURALIUS project will significantly affect the performance of the justice institutions. This assumption is based on the results of previous projects.

EURALIUS 1, 2 and 3, in cooperation with Albanian prosecutors have offered assistance in improving important legislative initiatives, including the law on prosecution and judicial police and the anti-mafia law, for judicial cooperation in criminal matters, and others.

Also, previous projects have provided assistance in improving the internal organization of the prosecution, as well as improving the professional capacity through training and study visits.

Based on previous positive experience, the Prosecution Office of Albanian is convinced that EURALIUS 4 will help maximally to achieve the expectations of the European Commission on strengthening the justice system in Albania".

Date 11/19/2014


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