The main goal of the accusation body under my direction is the intensification of the struggle against crime in Albania in accordance with constitutional and legal obligations. Prosecution is particularly focused on fight against organized crime and corruption. Success in this direction is the index measuring the work of the accusation body. However, struggle against crime remains a challenge not only of the accusation body and mine, but also of the whole Albanian state and society.
The work of the association body is strictly based on professionalism and impartiality implementing and developing investigation practices that simultaneously respect both the criteria of a qualitative job and those of the safeguard of the public interest as well as of the human rights and freedoms.
I aim at achieving this vision and goal through the assistance of my professional collaborators and by means of the integrity and cooperation with other state institutions sharing the same goals in their work.
In order to increase the public’s trust on the institution of the prosecution, work of accusation body will be based on thorough law enforcement through respect of values such as objectivity, transparency, cooperation, responsibility as well as efficient use of budget funds.


According to the Constitution, the mission of the accusation body is: to carry out investigation and criminal prosecution, represent the accusation in court on behalf of the state, safeguard public interest, assist judiciary bodies as well as guarantee the rule of law.


Albanian proSECUTION

The prosecution exerts criminal prosecution and represents the accusation in court on behalf of the state. The aim of our work is to bring in front of justice as many criminals as possible.


"We invite every citizen having information on abuses of prosecutors and other officials in every public institution, to denounce in this e-mail address.
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