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General Prosecutor receives in meeting the EU Ambassador to Albania.
The General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla, received in a special meeting the head of the EU Delegation in Albania, Ambassador Ettore Sequi. In the meeting, Mr. Llalla thanked the official diplomat Mr. Sequi, for the support given to the prosecution body from the European Union on the strengthening of investigative capacities and improvement of the legal framework.

General Prosecution and UNICEF, joint trainings on minors’ treatment in pre-detention
The General Prosecutor, z. Adriatik Llalla and the diplomatic representative of UN Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), Mr. Detlef Palm, expressed maximal well-understanding on treatment of prosecutors and judiciary police officers on criminal matters, with minors involved as accused.

General Prosecutor receives in meeting the OSCE Ambassador to Tirana, Mr. Wolfarth
Head of OSCE Presence in Albania, Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth, met today with the General Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla. The conversation focused on the struggle against the organized crime and corruption as well as on the essential role of the General Prosecution in the strengthening of the rule of law.
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