Press Release

Installing electricity meters for citizens against substantial payments, one person in handcuffs

The Prosecution Office at the Court of First Instance of Tirana requested arrest in prison for the citizen B.Ll., 46 years old, resident in Tirana, on duty as an electrical engineer of OSHEE, for the criminal offense of "Passive corruption of persons exercising public functions". 

From the several-month investigation with sepcial methods for the criminal proceeding 6738/22 it turned out that the 46-year-old citizen, during the exercise of his duty, installed electricity meters for citizens, in various premises, against significant rewards.
From the investigations it turned out that the citizen B.Ll received ALL 150.000 for installing an electricity meter at a time when this fee is ALL 24.000.

The meter was installed by the electrician B.A. who is a biller and was not assigned to the  area where the meter was installed.