Press Release

The effective communication with the media and the public, a guarantee for the well-functioning of justice institutions

November 19, 2021. The prosecutors in charge of media in all prosecutions of general jurisdiction and the coordinators for the right to information were introduced to the main principles of effective communication with the public and the media during the 2-day training organized by the General Prosecution Office and the PAMECA V Mission.

The prosecutors in charge of media relations were introduced to the main techniques and concepts of effective communication aiming at a better information of the public and making the work of prosecution offices transparent. The experts brought concrete examples and case studies from the best local and foreign practices, which affect not only the information, but also the awareness of the public opinion through effective cooperation with the media.

The international practice of the communication among prosecution, media and public opinion was conveyed by the delegated prosecutor of the Office of European Prosecutors in Italy Francesco Testa, while Ms. Elona Hoxhaj, General Director of the Directorate for the Right to Information at the Office of the Commissioner for the Right to Information and Protection of Personal Data addressed some of the cases and practices related to the implementation of the transparency program from the prosecution offices and the requirements of the citizens and media for information under the scope of restrictions recognized by law.

In this training there were, also, invited journalists of national and local media who discussed with representatives of prosecution offices and emphasized the improving of communication in the interest of informing and raising public awareness without violating the rights and freedoms of individuals.

Information, transparency and accountability are the guarantee for the well-functioning of the institutions of the rule of law and the General Prosecution Office is committed to respecting these principles in order to increase citizens' trust in the justice institutions.