Press Release

The organizational restructuring of the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes

General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla has decided the restructuring of the Task Force Unit for Anti-corruption in the Prosecution office for serious crime, due to the end of the assign period of four prosecutors attached to it in September 2015, as well as the fact that the workload of this unit has not been high, as there were no references to corruption among the high level officials in recent months by the responsible institutions.

On orders of the General Prosecutor, the Task Force Unit at the Serious Crimes will be leaded by Gentian Osmani, who has leaded earlier this structure until September 2015. Prosecutors assigned at this unit on September 2015 will be returned in their previous positions. In addition, the Task Force Unit of the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes, will consist of prosecutors who have been earlier in this structure, joining also some other prosecutors, who will carry on the investigations on offenses with terrorist purposes. In total, the restricted unit will consist of eight prosecutors. This merger of investigation targets supersedes one of the deputy posts, making the three that have been until now in two deputies of the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes.

General Prosecutor has decided the movement of the Korca Prosecution Office leader, Alket Mersini, at the request of the latter, to be assigned as prosecutor at the Tirana Prosecution Office. In his place, as leader of Korca Prosecution Office is assigned Kol Hysenaj, who is currently prosecutor at the Tirana Prosecution Office.

In his request, the head of the Puke Prosecution Office, Albert Murçaj, was removed by his position, by assigning at the Shkoder Prosecution Office, where will be deputy head. In his position is assigned Elidian Morina (Kasa), prosecutor at the Puke Prosecution Office.