Press Release

The speech of the Prosecutor General, Olsian Çela, at the launch of the EU4LEA project of the European Union on Law Enforcement in Albania

The start of the work of the project comes at an important moment of the implementation of the reform in justice, that of the consolidation of new institutions or those reconceptualized by it. On the part of the General Prosecutor's Office, in fulfilment of its constitutional and legal obligations, the issues related to the implementation of the new laws have been followed step by step, aiming for the totality of the encountered problems to be dealt with through a multifaceted commitment, which has consisted in making a concrete contribution in terms of institutional coordination, in increasing transparency towards the public regarding the way the institution operates, as well as coordination with other constitutional bodies to find legal solutions in the public interest. In 2020, we presented a strategic vision for the realization of several objectives that consisted of:

1-    Ensuring the proper functioning of the prosecutor's offices, through monitoring the work in terms of the implementation of legality, guaranteeing respect for the independence of prosecutors and increasing accountability and respect for the rights of the subjects of criminal proceedings.
2-    Standardization of operating procedures from an administrative and procedural point of view within the prosecutor's offices in function of the new constitutional and legal organization, with the aim of their normal functioning, 
3-    Guaranteeing the implementation of legality, emphasizing the increase in the efficiency of criminal prosecution in terms of criminal offenses related to the laundering of the proceeds of criminal offenses and the confiscation of criminal assets.
4-    Good administration of the investigation process, from the stage of registration of the criminal offense to the final resolution of the case, with the aim of reducing the duration of investigations and optimizing productivity.

From the beginning, the process of their realization has been continuously supported by the Euralius and Pameca missions, which constitutes a valuable experience on which I believe that the work for the continuation of the cooperation with the EU4LEA project will be built. These objectives are best aligned with those of the newly launched project.

In the following, I would like to focus more specifically on the need that the Prosecutor's Office has in terms of expanding the professional capacities of judicial police officers, where I would first single out those who are part of the specialized sections for financial crime and laundering the proceeds of criminal offences, but also of officers who have just entered the system, who need continuous and comprehensive training to increase their professional level.

Another aspect of cooperation would undoubtedly be strengthening the capacities of prosecutors and judicial police officers in order to increase efficiency in the investigation of environmental crimes, which is also one of the priorities of this year's work.

For us, the overall increase in the work efficiency of judicial police officers remains a challenge as a fundamental element in the quality of the investigation. Improving the forms of supervision of their work and finding efficient administrative mechanisms for increasing performance is a priority and I believe that we will find full support from the project in this aspect.

In conclusion, fully convinced of the success of the project, I want to assure you of the full commitment of the prosecutor's office, in order to create the right synergy for the realization of the common objective, that of aligning the performance of our institutions with the best EU standards.