Commission of the Judicial Police Officers

Commission of the Judicial Police Officers


The Judicial Police is established and works in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 25/2019 "On the organization and functioning of the Judicial Police", and the activity of Judicial Police officers is based and performed in compliance with the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Law 25/2019 “On the organization and functioning of the Judicial Police” brought important organizational amendments in improving investigative role of the judicial police officers and confirmed the leading role of the prosecutors in the investigation.

The functions of the Judicial Police in Albania are executed by the judicial police units established in the prosecutor's offices and by the judicial police sections established in the investigative structures of the State Police or Border Police, and in other state institutions as stated by law recognizing them the right to exercise the functions of the judicial police, such as the General Directorate of Customs, the General Directorate of Taxation, the Military Police, etc.

By exercise of its functions, the Judicial Police addresses the principles of legality, equality and non-discrimination, objectivity and fairness, professionalism and honesty for accomplishing its duties, by avoiding conflict of interest, ensuring confidentiality and investigative secrecy, and respecting human rights.