Article 1
1. Albania is a parliamentary republic.
2. The Republic of Albania is a unitary and indivisible state.
3. Governance is based on a system of elections that are free, equal, general and periodic.

Article 2
1. Sovereignty in the Republic of Albania belongs to the people.
2. The people exercise sovereignty through their representatives or directly.
3. For the maintenance of peace and national interests, the Republic of Albania may take
part in a system of collective security, on the basis of a law approved by a majority of all
the members of the Assembly. 
Article 3
The independence of the state and the integrity of its territory, the dignity of the person, his
rights and freedoms, social justice, the constitutional order, pluralism, national identity and
inheritance, religious coexistence, and coexistence with, and understanding of Albanians for,
minorities are the bases of this state, which has the duty of respecting and protecting them.

Article 4
1. The law constitutes the basis and the boundaries of the activity of the state.
2. The Constitution is the highest law in the Republic of Albania.
3. The provisions of the Constitution are directly applicable, except when the Constitution
Provides otherwise.

Article 5
The Republic of Albania applies international law that is binding upon it.

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