Press Release

Denounced that she was threatened and benefited protection from the High Judicial Council, the Tirana Prosecutor's Office indicts Judge A.K. for “False reporting” and “Forgery of documents”

The Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction, Tirana, has registered the Criminal Proceeding, no. 552 of 2024, for the criminal offense of "Threat of a Judge" provided for by Article 317 of the Criminal Code, with complainant the Judge A.K.
On 20.01.2024 at 11:10 p.m., at the Police Station No. 3, Tirana, Judge A.K, who exercises her function at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Tirana, appeared and filed a criminal complaint, the criminal chamber.
The judge claimed that in her office, which is located on the third floor, office no. 321, she found that she received a letter by mail, with the text, "Dear Judge A..., you have two children, D…... and R…….. Think about them; you can live but not them and that is heavy. Respectful!".

Among other things, the complainant explained that on 20.01.2024 at around 11:00, she went to the office since there was a court session, with the purpose of canceling the security measure. The moment she entered her office, on her desk above the files, she found an envelope and inside it was the letter quoted above, which after reading it, she put it in the safe box. There is no other information or suspicions about this letter, but she felt scared because her children's names were mentioned.

As a function of the preliminary investigations, as far as it has been reported, intensive investigations were carried out by the prosecution body with the aim of securing urgent evidence, such as the administration of film footage near the court, the questioning of persons, the taking of free and experimental samples, examination and seizures at the institutions as well as the performance of expertise and in the end the conclusion was reached, referring to the circumstances and the act of graphic expertise, that the letter subject to the investigation was written by the complainant herself, citizen A.K.

In these conditions, the prosecutor's office has estimated that there is evidence that creates reasonable doubt to attribute to this citizen the criminal offense of "False reporting" provided by Article 305 of the Criminal Code, proceeding with the receipt as defendant for this criminal offense.
Also, within the framework of the investigations of this criminal proceeding, the request for protection dated 20.01.2024, sent by judge A.K, was administered at the High Judicial Council, setting in motion this institution, which on 22.01.2024 , decided the physical custody of the magistrate A.K and her family, for a period of 3 months. 

Under these conditions, it turns out that this judge has submitted to the High Judicial Council data with false content, in order to receive benefits that are not hers.
As mentioned above, the prosecutor's office has decided to charge the citizen A.K as a defendant, also for committing the criminal offense of "Forgery of documents" provided by Article 186 of the Criminal Code.
According to the law, the High Judicial Council has also been informed of the above facts.

At the same time, referring to the provisions of Articles 78 and 84 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the Prosecutor’s Office attached at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Tirana decided to declare incompetence and transfer the acts to the Prosecutor’s Office of the First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Durrës for further follow-up.