Press Release

Elbasan Prosecution Office has filed a criminal proceeding against citizen D.K. for “Assault because of duty.”

On February 16, 2024, based on the investigative material provided by Elbasan Police Commissariat, Elbasan Prosecution Office has filed the criminal proceeding No. 298 concerning the criminal offense of "Assault because of duty," as stipulated by Article 237/5 of the Criminal Code, and committed in the premises of the institution where the person exercises his duty. The individual under investigation is the citizen D.K., born in 1984.

The individual under investigation, citizen D.K., a parent of children that attend "Qamil Guranjaku" school in Elbasan, is suspected of assaulting the 70-year-old guardian of the educational institution in the presence of other children and parents.

After conducting thorough investigative procedures in collaboration with Elbasan Police Commissariat, on February 17, 2024, Elbasan Prosecution Office has issued a pertinent order that assigns the judicial police services of Elbasan Police Commissariat for the enforcement of the detention. 

Investigations are ongoing in collaboration with the state police.