Press Release

Falsification of application forms for obtaining a U.S. visa against payment; six persons under accusation by Tirana Prosecution Office concerning 'Fraud' and Falsification of Seals, Stamps or Forms”

Six individuals are facing charges of 'Fraud' and Falsification of Seals, Stamps or Forms' as stipulated by articles 143 and 190/2 of the Criminal Code, brought by the Tirana Prosecution Office, because of falsifying in complicity with each other, the forms for American visas against payment.
Tirana Prosecution Office has filed the criminal case No. 7018/2023 based on the information provided by the Diplomatic Security Service at the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana (DSS).

A comprehensive investigation into this matter has revealed that citizen R.N., utilizing the social media platform 'Instagram' under the name "viza amerikane insider," posted: "American visas with a 100% guarantee. We assure you a 10-year American visa. Payment is only required after your visa is approved”. Contact us at 0683318483." Citizen R.N. assured the acquisition of a 10-year American tourist visa with his embassy intervention, demanding a fee of 10,000 euros.

Furthermore, investigations proved that citizen R.N. had falsified the applicant’s data in their electronic application form for an American visa, thus allowing the visa applicants to have a qualifying profile. This was carried out in collaboration with visa applicants such as citizens K.P., K.K., K.L., Xh.S., and E.G., who were found to have jointly falsified electronic forms for American visas by filling them with non-real information.
Citizen R.N. presented himself on the day when the applicants had their interviews at the consulate in the American Embassy for visa issuance. He accompanied and guided them on how to behave during the interview. After they completed the interview, in case they were qualified (obtained the visa), citizen R.N. was paid the sum of 10,000 euros