Press Release

On the administration of the forensic examination act for the citizen Lear Kurti

The Prosecution Office of the Judicial District of Tirana has administered the forensic examination act no.494/22 dated 14.11.2022, regarding the causes of death of the citizen Lear Kurti.

In response to the act of forensic expertise, the Anatomic-Pathological diagnosis is determined:

Acute overdose (Poisoning) with cocaine-type narcotics. Acute hypoxic myocardial Ischemia accompanied by contraction and deformation of myofibrils, pronounced edema of the brain, vasal stasis and capillary extravasation, atelectasis and compensatory emphysema of the lung, persistent chronic hepatitis.

The cause of death of citizen Lear Kurti was acute poisoning (overdose) with narcotics of the cocaine type, complicated by toxic shock, with the mechanism of acute myocardial ischemia resulting in cardiac asystole (Sudden cardiac arrest).