Press Release

The Prosecutor's Office sends the General Director of the Memorial Hospital in Fier to court under the charge of “Abuse of duty”

The Prosecutor's Office of the Court of First Instance of the Fier General Jurisdiction has completed the investigations and has sent for trial the criminal proceedings in charge of the citizen RD, with the duties of General Director at the Fier Memorial Hospital, accused of the criminal offense of "Abuse of duty", provided by Article 248 of the Criminal Code.
The investigation proved that the defendant, contrary to the legal laws and by-laws in force and in the absence of approval from the Ministry of Health, has allowed the illegal performance of the stomach botox procedure on patients in this public hospital, through the application, in the management of the internal patients, of the medical stomach botox preparations that were not purchased by the hospital itself with legal public procurement procedures, but were obtained through outside-the-hospital routes for which the patients made their payments. 

The lack of carrying out the legal procedures of the public procurement has led to the lack of verification in this hospital of the relevant documentation related to the verification of the date of expiration and the place of origin of the preparations, bringing about the performing of this procedure outside any kind of legal and technical standards on the patients, carrying a serious risk to their lives and health, as well as damaging the interests and image of a public health institution.