Press Release

General Prosecutor compliments the National Judicial Conference

Honors! On behalf of the Albanian Prosecution Office I express positive evaluations for your work and for the support you give to our work continuously.

Court and Prosecution Office together comprise the justice system, the power that now is under discussion to be reformed.
I think that we share the same conviction that the justice system need to be reformed, in order to strength further the independence, integrity and professionalism of judges and prosecutors. By strengthening this part of rule of law, there are strengthen directly other powers.

But what is noticed without concern is the fact that the need for reform of the justice system is labeled with a negative public glossary against judges and prosecutors from many public figures as well as local and foreign experts.
In every public appearance, when it is discussed Justice Reform, is presented the perception that the justice system and corruption are the same.

In fact, the justice system, like any other part of the state in Albania, is not immune from corruption. Several recent cases of judges and prosecutors under charge are the concrete evidence that corruption is present even in the justice system. But generalization of these cases is completely irrelevant. There are these prosecutors and judges who are investigating and judging their colleagues. As there are the same prosecutors and judges who investigated and set the security measures to deputies for serious crimes charges, including murder, exploitation of prostitution, illegal weapons possession, etc.

There are the same judges and prosecutors, who are investigating the officials of different levels, charged for corruption, involved in concessions, tenders, office abuse damaging the state in the amount of millions of euros, by not excluding the attention on office abuse in every administrative level.

We all know that we have a lot to improve within ourselves, as we have to serve maximally to citizens. We appreciate the commitment of international partners in implementation of the Justice Reform. Also, we have to believe in what we have achieved until now, thanks to the support of the Western allies.

About 25 years ago, the Albanian people broke the chains of self-isolation. This isolation was imposed by the political leaders of the time, despite attempts and great desire of the international community to accept us in their democratic community, based on respect of rights and fundamental freedoms.

Western democratic spirit, to be part of their great community has to fulfill their conditions, such as strengthening the rule of law, respect human rights and fundamental freedoms, etc. 
I am certain, just like anyone else in this room and outside it, that Albania will rise up to the mark to persuade the European Union to open the door for us.

Albanian prosecutors and judges should give their contribution. All of them must offer their expertise to strengthen the independence of the justice system. One of your colleagues, in one of his edition, says that: “countries in transition are those in which politics affects justice".

It is a real axiom, within which is found the solution. Transition ends when politics stays out of the justice system. Must all work together to lead the Justice Reform in this direction.