Press Release

Prosecution Office of Tirana accuses the businessman Rezart Taçi for “Non-payment of taxes”

Prosecution Office of Tirana completed the investigations and accuses the citizen Rezart Taçi, former administrator of oil company “Armo” for the crime of “Non-payment of taxes” in the amount of 1 billion ALL, during the period 2009-2013.

Prosecution Office of Tirana, Task Force Unit, after the investigations initiated on the base of the material referred by the general directorate of state police, concludes that the citizen Taçi, as the administrator and shareholder of “ARMO” ltd, has had the ability to pay the amount owed to the state administration but intentionally avoided to pay, by transferring the substantial amounts in the company or by taking “cash” for his own interests.

The investigation of the Prosecution Office of Tirana found that the defendant owed the amount mentioned above two components of public administration; General Directorate of Taxation, tax obligations as a subject considered “VIP” and Ballsh Municipality of the Commune Qënder, Mallakaster, for local taxes, as the location of “ARMO”. During 2009-2013, a period included in the investigation, the subject “ARMO” has been informed for the tax liabilities in respective amounts and the administrator Taçi, who is aware of this, has negotiated several times, as with the Tax Administration; as well as with local government units. As from the Tax Administration, as well as by the local Government, there are issued some orders blocking the accounts of "ARMO", in order to obligate the company to make payments. But these blocking orders are revoked, according to the requirements for negotiation that the defendant Taçi has required to repay obligations in installments.

Based on these negotiations, the company "ARMO" has made some payments in 2010-2012, but has not liquidate all financial obligations, claiming that there was insolvent. But the investigation found out that in the same period when he stated that he was insolvent, the defendant Rezart Taçi has lent his other company "Taçi Oil", and has withdrawn many different financial amounts. The total of lent to company " Taçi Oil" and the withdrawal in "cash" that has made for its own interests the defendant, exceed many of obligation of the company "ARMO" ltd had to the state.
In this way, on purpose, the defendant Rezart Taçi has avoided tax and local tax, consuming elements of the offense "Non-payment of taxes" in the amount of 1 billion ALL.