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The agreement ''On the temporary storage of seized objects that are part of the cultural heritage'' is signed

The Prosecutor General, Olsian Çela, signed today a cooperation agreement with the Minister of Culture, Elva Margariti and the Minister of the Interior, Bledar Çuçi "On the temporary storage of seized objects that are part of the cultural heritage".

In his speech, the Prosecutor General assessed that the agreement testifies to the new approach of the Prosecution in terms of the priorities of the fight against crime, which already includes the trafficking of cultural assets. He emphasized its importance in terms of strengthening institutional interaction, which will increase the efficiency of the institutions' work. It will also be valuable to strengthen the capacities of law enforcement agencies through training in this field. 

The agreement clearly defines the ways of cooperation between the parties for the tracking, catching, seizure, storage as well as specialized storage of the suspected "cultural property" objects, from the moment of their seizure until the end of the preliminary investigations.

The General Prosecution Office, for its part, undertakes with this agreement to issue all the appropriate instructions for increasing the efficiency in the investigation and prosecution of the theft and trafficking of objects of cultural heritage and the way of their administration.

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