Press Release

Tirana Prosecutor's Office seizes assets of the citizen E.B., which are suspected to be generated by criminal activity.

The Prosecutor's Office of Tirana District Court seized the assets belonging to E.B. and his family members, as it is suspected to be derived from criminal activity. The citizen E.B. has been sentenced in Italy to 21 years’imprisonment for the criminal offense of "Drug Trafficking".

Out of the facts’ analysis and the administered documentation as for the assets of the citizen E.B. and his family members, it comes out that they are not justified from an economic point of view. The doubts on the criminal precedents of this citizen, as well as the execution of many transactions in the sale of real estate, leads to believe that these assets are invested for the construction of buildings which are in the process of legalization.

Tirana Prosecutor's Office seized specifically, the following assets:
- The property owned by the citizen E. B., a construction without permission applied for legalization with the address: Vane, Delvinë, Vlora district;
- The property owned by citizen F.B., a construction without permission applied for legalization with the address Vane, Vergo, Vlora district;

- The object with no. (NUIS) L871..., EMIL-2018, administered by the citizen E.B.; as well as declared assets of this citizen: a truck and a trailer;

- All these immovable assets are suspected to have been genetrated by the investigated person E. B., because of his involvement in the activity of production and sale of narcotics in Italy where he has also received the relevant sentence.