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Prosecutor General Arta Marku attends meeting of EU Network of Prosecutors General NADAL
Today, on 16 May 2019, Prosecutor General, Mrs. Arta Marku is attending the 11th meeting of the Network of Prosecutors General of the European Union, which will last two days. This year, the meeting will be held in Estonia.



Information on US visa’s revocation for prosecutors
Feeling obliged as the General Prosecutor of the Republic of Albania, decreed by the President and approved in the Parliament with the absolute majority of the votes of the parliament, I have the obigation to inform You on the below facts; the General Prosecution of Albania in the latest days found itself under a great and unprecedented preasure from the United States of America Embassy in Tirana.


Speech of the General Prosecutor at the annual analysis of the General Police Directorate
The fight against crime in general and corruption in particular requires close cooperation between the Prosecution Office and the Police.This fight is a daily challenge, which requires efforts from all law enforcement institutions.

General Prosecutor, meetings in Croatia with his counterpart, Mr. Dinko Cvitan
General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla, invited by his counterpart, Mr. Dinko Cvitan, discussed the manners to strengthen the cooperation in criminal investigation, mainly focused on the fight against economic crime and corruption. Albanian Prosecution Office considers important the experience of the Croatian Prosecution Office to strengthen the mechanisms against corruption at high levels of the state administration.

General Prosecutor meets the counterpart from the Republic of Kosovo
General Prosecutor, Mradriatik llalla, discussed with his counterpart of the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Aleksandër Lumezi, to strengthen the cooperation on cross-border crime investigation.
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