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Meeting of the General Prosecutor with the President of the High Court of San Marino
General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla, met the President of the High Court of the State of San Marino, Ms. Valeria Pierfelici, who was accompanied by the Minister of Interior and Justice at the same time, Mr. Giancarlo Venturini.

Meeting of the General Prosecutor with the Monitoring Group of the European Commission
General Prosecutor Mr. Adriatik Llalla has emphasized the need of logistical assistance on projects of the European Union to fight cybercrime.

High-level meeting on strengthening the role of the Judicial Police
General Prosecutor's Office and 4 ministries that have in their organic Judicial Police officers basically expressed full approval to find opportunities to increase the number and enhance the quality through special training of officials dealing directly with the criminal investigation in Albania

Prosecution Office of Tirana accuses the businessman Rezart Taçi for “Non-payment of taxes”
Prosecution Office of Tirana completed the investigations and accuses the citizen Rezart Taçi, former administrator of oil company “Armo” for the crime of “Non-payment of taxes” in the amount of 1 billion ALL, during the period 2009-2013.

The organizational restructuring of the Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes
General Prosecutor, Mr. Adriatik Llalla has decided the restructuring of the Task Force Unit for Anti-corruption in the Prosecution office for serious crime, due to the end of the assign period of four prosecutors attached to it in September 2015, as well as the fact that the workload of this unit has not been high, as there were no references to corruption among the high level officials in recent months by the responsible institutions.

Prosecution office, the balance of the second 6 months period of 2015 to the fight against financial crime
General Prosecutor’s Office has made the balance of the activities of the second 6 months period of 2015 in the fight against financial crime, regarding mainly with organized crime, but also to fraud and falsification, of which results that the investigations on some fraudulent schemes are completed, gaining illegal benefits and causing harm to the state over 60 million euros, and there are seized real estates and movables, totaling a value of approximately 45 million euros.


Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes sent for trial “Babagjyshat” (Santas)
Prosecution Office for Serious Crimes has completed its investigation and sent for trial 11 people, part of a structured criminal group known as the "Santas" accused of "armed robbery", "serious injury", "illegal possession of weapons" and "committing offenses under the criminal group. According to the investigation, the Prosecution Office has filed charges for this group of persons for 13 criminal episodes.

General Prosecutor, Adriatik Llalla meets the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of France, Jean Claud Marin
General Prosecutor of Albania, Mr. Adriatik Llalla, attended a meeting in Paris with his counterpart, the General Prosecutor of the Republic of France, Mr. Jean Claud Marin, where there were discussed the cooperation between both countries for the fight against organized, financial crimes and terrorism.

General Prosecutor compliments the National Judicial Conference
Honors! On behalf of the Albanian Prosecution Office I express positive evaluations for your work and for the support you give to our work continuously.

General Prosecutor’s Office accused the deputy Armando Prenga for three offenses
General Prosecutor’s Office has completed the investigation and filed 3 charges for the citizen Armando Prenga, with 'MP' function, which is currently under the security measure "house arrest", appointed by the High Court.
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